Radio Show Host Caught

Back in 2009, the American radio talk show host, opinion leader, conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh was detained by United States authorities with a prescription bottle of pills in his luggage at the Florida Palm Beach Airport.

Rush Limbaugh is the main host of the three hour radio show called “The Rush Limbaugh Show”. The pill is an oral treatment used by men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, which is the inability of a male to achieve a penis erection. This drug, along with generic Cialis, are the most popular medications to treat this medical condition.

The bottle of pills that were found on his baggage was not prescribed under his name according to the spokesman of the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office. Rush was detained at the airport by authorities for more than four hours. He was returning from Dominican Republic where he spent his vacation days.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office spokesman Mr. Limbaugh alleged violation could possibly be a second degree misdemeanor. The Palm Beach County Sheriff office was investigating and will soon pass over the case to the state attorney’s office. Prosecutors stated that Mr. Limbaugh had illegally deceived multiple doctors to receive many prescription for painkillers and other drugs.

Rush Limbaugh admitted having an addiction to painkillers. He must submit to several random drug tests and continue his treatment against his drug addiction. Before Limbaugh’s problems with painkillers were brought to public, he had always decried drug use. Fifty year old Limbaugh was examined by the U.S Customs and Border Protection after his private jet arrived at the airport. The pills were confiscated by the investigators and the radio show host was released without any charges.