Apartment Chat

WMET 1160 AM had made a custom from providing its listeners with some of the most relevant and yet recent news, at any time of the day. This radio station covered various topics that could have been of great interest for its listeners starting with politics and yup to culture and art. The radio station featured several radio shows and even radio talk shows once in a while. In this way, the people listening to WMET had the chance to find out valuable information about basically everything that was happening around them. Various celebrities and academics were invited with various occasions in different radio shows but one of the programs that were most loved was perhaps the apartment chat.

The apartment chat was meant as a weekly program that would provide listeners with the opportunity to interact with those to whom they would listen everyday but also with other listeners. The subjects covered in the chat varied much each day and they could have been anything that has to do with one’s daily life, be that politics, or anything else as a matter of fact.

The apartment chat was also featured online where people listening to the radio station could have come up with ideas relating to the shows or even with criticism. The online chat provided the listeners with a platform on which they could share their thoughts, no matter the topic they were interested in. at the same time, it was a successful way of keeping the listeners up to date with information and interested in what was going on, with the radio or with a certain subject.

The apartment chat is certainly one of the innovative ways to keep individuals interested in a certain radio station or radio show. It is the only way in which listeners can interact with each other and with the producers of various radio shows.