Business Continuity Matters

WMET 1160 AM used to be one of the live radio stations that would provide its listeners with relevant information on a wide array of topics. The radio shows on WMET 1160 AM could include anything from politics and economics to issues that people would encounter during their daily lives. What made this radio station is even better was the fact that every time something was discussed, specialists in the area were invited to the radio show from a desire to provide the WMET listeners with first hand information.

One of the radio shows on WMET was about business continuity. The radio show featured information based on statistics related to the ways in which the business continuity matters for a businessman. A survey had detected that about 80% of the individuals owning a business said that they had a business continuity plan. However, about 35% of them responded that they would recover quite quickly in case of a disaster, meaning just few days, whereas about 28% declared it would take them few weeks to get their business back on running.

Business continuity matters and this is what makes a business continuity plan so important. However, the same survey showed that the most frequently cited reason for not having such a plan was the cost that is involved in drawing a business continuity plan. At the same time, this is no easy job, and about 60% of the respondents agreed that the complexity of such a plan had led to avoiding it.

Another survey showed how important it is to have a business continuity plan and this was the Disaster Resource guide 2008-2009. About half of the business owners who have responded said that they had been asked for this type of business plan by their customers, stakeholders and even during security audits. And this all has been discussed at large at WMET 1160 AM.