ChickChat on WMET

WMET has been one of the most loved radio stations in Washington D.C for decades, keeping the audiences happy with its various radio formats, from rock to comedy, or soul and religious talk shows. The station is part of the Music of Your Life Station, a very well-known radio-network which is continuously growing while conquering peoples’ hearts with its famous shows and good quality music. WMET is broadcasting from Gaithersburg Maryland on 1160kHz in the AM band with a power of 50.000 watts.

The radio can also be listened on the Internet, on the special WMET/MOYL web-streaming.

The most interesting thing about WMET is that people can host their own personal radio shows, which is an amazing opportunity for very talented people to be heard and maybe start a career in the field.

WMET broadcasts interesting shows for interesting people. One of the best shows on the radio is ChickChat, an entertaining, modern, surprising, non-political radio show, made by Heidi Hanzel and Laura Dyan.

Besides being a chat with girls, ChickChat is a daring radio shows in which the hosts talk about various subjects, sharing opinions, tips and advice.

The show is a live radio talk and it takes the listener to a new level of radio enjoyment. ChickChat has special guests regularly, from comedians to actors or fashion gurus.

Some would say that ChickChat is a girl’s radio show. but the audience is not strictly feminine. Although they have a strong feminine side, Heidi and Laura also talk about men and their most favorite activities, especially their relationships with women.

The two open-minded, always in tune girls hosting the show are never at a loss for words, keeping their listeners always wanting more of their ChickChat every week. They now have the chance to hear them on WMET. ChickChat can also be heard worldwide on the Internet.