End Of Politics

World Radio WMET 1160 AM has always provided its listeners with some of the best quality shows and nevertheless with last hour information from all over the world. Every time there was a chance, the radio station would invite one or more specialists in order to discuss some of the pressing problems of the society, be it the one in which the inhabitants in Washington live in or one in some other part of the world. One of the shows featured on WMET 1160 AM was called The End of Politics and was meant to provide individuals with a bittersweet analysis of the politics in the country and in the world. Here one can read more about this show and the topics that used to be discussed.

The End of Politics was designed to provide the listeners with a more detailed overview on the ways in which politics world for today’s world. Each podcast would feature a different topic and different specialists or politicians that would be interviewed and could answer the questions that the public was seeking to ask. One of the topics covered was the big-government response Hurricane Katrina. In this particular show personalities such as Tim Cavanaugh, Luke Thomas and Garrett Glass were featured.

Another common topic was the reaction of the American government on international politics. For instance, on august 21st 2005, Garrett Glass and Luke Thomas, the hosts of the End of Politics had invited Alon Ben-Meir to their show to discuss the Gaza withdrawal issue. The Gaza withdrawal was recent and it had been an important moment for the course of the Gaza conflict. Ben-Meir was the specialist most informed about the situation in the Middle East as he was and still is a professor of international relations and Middle Eastern Studies at the New York University, a columnist by United Press International and a well known diplomat.