Mark Bisnow On WMET

World Radio WMET 1160AM used to be the place where people could listen to some of the most recent and relevant news. The radio was meant to provide the inhabitants of Washington and not only with interesting information about various subjects that might have been affecting their lives. The radio shows featured various personalities and one of them was Mark Bisnow. Here one can read more about Mark Bisnow and his life as well as how did he get to host one of the World Radio WMET 1160AM shows.

Mark Bisnow was born in Los Angeles and he had graduated a bachelor and master at Stanford by the age of 20. He started his business by providing electronic newsletters on Business. He had conducted interviews of important businessmen and had made sure his business would prosper. He was at the same time a columnist for the Washington Business Journal. He was also involved in politics after he got a job as an assistant to the senator Hubert Humphrey, a job that entailed writing speeches and answering emails in his name. He quickly became enthusiastic about politics and ended up writing a book about the presidential campaign of the congressman John Anderson. He continued his education at Harvard Law School, although he rarely practiced law.

He then carried on with becoming a radio host. He first worked for WTOP and then WMET. His show was called ‘Bisnow on Business’ and it was a success partly due to the fact that he had brought the business community in the attention of the public. His business news show was greatly appreciated by various categories of the public. He used media to inform his listeners about the latest developments in the media and generally in the business sector. After WMET’ format changed, he came back to one of his first careers: online newsletters.