The Jobs of Tony Snow

In his life, Tony Snow was many things: a musician, news anchor, journalist, radio broadcaster, and speechwriter. The topic of most of his works were political in nature and Snow enjoyed a great deal of popularity for the time he spent in media and in political positions. His greatest claim to fame was when he held the White House Spokesman position during the presidential tenure of George W. Bush. During this time, he relayed White House news and served as a voice for the administration. Sadly, Snow’s career was cut short by colon cancer when he passed away in the year 2008.

Many people may not know the name of Tony Snow, but a large number would recognize his voice. In addition to his writing and political jobs, Snow spent a large part of his working life on the radio. He was a frequent guest on National Public Radio where he provided commentary on political situations both inside the United States and in international settings. It was his time as a radio broadcaster that brought Snow into the political spectrum. Before the year of 1991, Snow was mainly known as a journalist, but this would change as he was offered a position with the government administration.

His first position was in the presidential time of George H. W. Bush and the titles were as Deputy Assistant to the President for Communications and as Director of Speechwriting. After his first year in these posts, he was promoted to the title of Deputy Assistant to the President for Media Affairs and served in this role for two years. After his political career, Tony Snow returned to making guest appearances on radio and television programs. Also, he hosted his own radio series, called the Tony Snow Show, that lasted three years on the Fox News Radio network