WMET In 2010

WMET 1160 AM used to be the radio station that kept millions of Washington residents informed about all the news things that were happening in the world. This radio station has been described as a multicultural radio which aimed at providing its listeners with information regarding various areas of the society in which one lives nowadays. As a result, the radio shows aired on WMET 1160 AM covered a wide range of topics and subjects, from politics and economics to traveling and even gardening. In mid 2010 however the fate of this radio station was about to change. Here one can read more about what happened to WMET 1160 AM after its original owner Delaware-based CTM Media Holdings decided to sell it. Read on and learn more about what happened with the WMET radio shows after the station had been sold.

In mid 2010 WMET 1160 AM was sold to two Texas millionaires who had in mind funding the Washington area’s first catholic radio station. WMET was purchased for $4 million by the land developers Donald and Philip Huffines, also owners of Huffines Media, a company based in Dallas. After the purchase, the radio was meant to be operated from Midland, Texas by the Guadalupe Radio Network and it was envisaged to provide 24-hour radio show after radio show in English.

The motivation behind this change was the fact that Catholics had nowhere as many radio programs especially developed for them as the Protestants in the country did. WMET reached about 4 million listeners every day and its transformation to a Catholic station was part of a larger movement characterized by a significant increase in the number of Catholic radio stations across the country. In 2000 there were only 7 such stations and their number increased to 165 by 2010. The new owners of WMET envisaged at the same time that programming for WMET would initially consist of nationally syndicated shows.