J.D. Balart On American Radio Journal

WMET 1160 AM was the radio station that could be listened to millions of residents in the Washington D.C. area and which was aimed to provide individuals with a different perspective on the way in which the society works. At the same time, the radio shows aired on WMET had different topics and subjects which could include anything from politics or economics to travel and culture or gardening. This radio station aimed at providing different categories of individuals with information that would be relevant for them and their lives through the various radio shows it broadcasted. Yet, as any other radio station, WMET also aired a radio show on news and journals and which was called J.D Balart’s American Radio Journal.

The American Radio Journal was hosted by J.D. Balart in cooperation with a regular guest, David Oblon. David Oblon is a well known lawyer and attorney in Washington D.C. and one of the most popular legal commentators in the mid 2000s. He was therefore the regular guest whom would discuss various legal issues related to the current developments in the society. Some of the topics covered by J.D. Balart’s American Radio Journal included discussions regarding the decision taken by Google not to comply with a government subpoena seeking a list of historical search terms or the constitutionality of the Bush Administration’s use of the warrantless wiretaps in the process of investigating terrorists. Other topics included the consequences of the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, comparisons of the two US Supreme Court rulings on the position of the Ten Commandments in public places, or the entire legal history of the Terri Schiavo case. Famous trials such as that of Michael Jackson regarding the child molestation accusations have also been analyzed at the American Radio Journal.