The Garden Gurus

WMET 1160 AM has been the radio station that provided its listeners with information related to various topics and subjects that might interest them. Its radio shows covered subjects that would include political topics, health topics and even gardening issues. Here one can read more about a WMET 1160 AM radio show and that is the Garden Gurus.

Gardening seems to be a much more popular topic than many people would actually think. It is essentially a visual, tactile and aromatic experience that once discovered can cause dependency. One may think that no individual would turn on their radio in order to hear someone’s issue with squash vine or powdery mildew, but they could not be more mistaken. A lot of individuals have turned out to be interested in such subjects and the garden shows seem to have been increasing in popularity as radio shows at a level comparable with that of call-in talk shows or news talk. Garden shows seem to be much more interesting than those uninterested in the subject may be.

Gardening is nowadays featured in many various radio shows all over the country but in Washington people interested in the issue used to listen to the Garden Gurus on WMET 1160 AM. This radio show was hosted by John Peter Thompson Behnke Nurseries in Beltsville and it was quite a popular hit. However, specialists say that one of the best gardening radio shows in Washington’s radio shows history was that of Jack Eden which has however ended in 1998.

The Garden Gurus used to provide its listeners with various information related to what is needed to grow plants and flowers. Soils, water and many other issues were being discussed once a week during the Garden Gurus by John Peter Thompson and his listeners on Washington’s WMET 1160 AM.