The Popularity of Friday

Friday is a lot of people’s favorite day of the week, no school for a few days and no work afterward either. It is basically the ending of the work week, for most people. People go out to dinner on Friday, have dates on Friday simply because they know they can just relax all weekend without having to get up early for any reason. ‘If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.’ Noel Coward said that famous quote and paychecks are another reason people love Friday so much. Friday is a time for the teenagers and young adults to go out and for the parents to have dates with each other. Friday is even so popular it has a restaurant named after it to celebrate the end of the week. It’s good to get out on a Friday night especially if you have been stressed at your job or your children are driving you crazy and if you’ve been having exams and finals at school as well. Everyone needs a little time to themselves to unwind and come down from all the week’s issues and drama you may have had so you should live a little on Friday night. Black Friday is the most popular shopping date of the year, it is the day following thanksgiving which signifies the beginning of the Christmas shopping season rush. The stores open extra early mostly around 5 am or so and offer some great deals and savings on this particular date. A lot of people get out early and take advantage of all the good sales, so black Friday shopping can definitely get a little hectic. Retailers love when black Friday comes around, they know their sales will be through the roof. Some people even camp outside the stores beginning at around midnight so they make sure they will be the first in the store to get that new item. But whichever way you are spending your Friday make sure you’re making the most out of life.