The Spin Zone

Now with the advent of various communications means people would think that the radio has significantly decreased in popularity. The radio was one of the first revolutionary ways developed as a means to transmit information and which has been one of the most popular as such some time ago. Yet, people nowadays have other means that they can use to communicate. They have the TV that can combine information with images and they have the internet which is accessible basically everywhere and anywhere. This is why people might be tempted to believe that no one is listening to the radio anymore. But this assumption could not be more misleading. The radio and the radio shows remain quite popular ways of transmitting information because they are accessible at times when none of the means mentioned above are when in the car, people would simply listen to a radio show and if possible to more depending on what kind of information was available. WMET 1160 AM was one of the radio stations that provided its listeners with good quality information and more importantly with very varied information. As such, WMET had a wide spectrum of listeners, each coming from a different social structure and with different interests.

As any other radio station, WMET did news, politics, culture and others. Yet, WMET also featured radio shows such as the Spin Zone, the place where people could talk about cycling and everything that happens in this world. The show was hosted by Al Rickard, a CAE, and was aired on the third Sunday of each month from 1 to 2 pm. The Spin Zone would include different subjects linked to bicycling and would feature interviews with specialists such as Stephen Marks. This being said, it is hard to believe that those interested in a healthy lifestyle and cycling would not listen to this program.