The Trip Chicks

On WMET 1160 AM radio listeners from the Washington D.C. area could find out useful information about various aspects of the society in which they lived. The radio station featured radio shows on a wide array of topics and subjects and each of them was designed for different types of individuals and with different interests. On WMET individuals could learn more about politics, economics or culture but also about many other subjects and one of them was travel. The travel talk radio show aired on WMET 1160 AM was called The Trip Chicks and was hosted by two veteran certified Atlanta travel consultants, Wendy Swartzell and Ann Lombardi.

The trip Chicks started being aired on the August 5th and their radio show took place every week. The hosts envisaged a rather different type of radio show and they made use of their extensive experience in the area to provide listeners with tips of advices that they would have ever considered while going on a trip. As the ‘Trip Chicks’ themselves said, they would have come up with different unorthodox travel tips to give to their listeners. Next to this, the Trip Chicks would also interview guests that play an important role in the travel and tourism sector and some of their guests included Don George from the Lonely Planet, the Savvy Traveler Rudy Maxa or even individuals from The Amazing Race such as Gretchen and Meredith.

The aim of this radio show was to provide the listeners with valuable information about travelling, their subjects could have included anything from the slow travel movement or the mysteries of airline seat inventory to surgery medical tourism trips to Europe and much more. The show was meant to offer something different for every adult and to provide the listeners and the future potential travelers with a unique perspective on traveling the world. They have combined their expertise in tourism with their sense of humor and they have managed to create an innovative travel radio show.