WMET 1160 AM History

WMET is widely known by people living in Washington and listening to the radio. It used to be one of the most popular radio stations that could be listened to in the Washington area mainly because it was designed as a station which would provide its listeners with a mix of valuable information about the world which one lives in and entertainment. The radio shows at WMET 1160 AM have always covered subjects such as politics, culture or economics but other topics as well such as traveling. There was even a radio show on gardening and this made it hard not to listen to these radio shows since they were meant for a wide category of individuals with different interests. Yet, WMET was not always as we know and here one can read more about how WMET 1160 AM started to become the radio station that we know nowadays.

WMET was firstly known as WHMC (the heart of Montgomery County) which used to broadcast at 1150 kHz. Throughout the 1960s, the radio was called ‘500 Watt Flower-pot’ or HMC on one of its nicknames. The owners of the radio station had hired Barry Richards, a former DJ at WINX 1600 AM, who turned WHMC into one of the DC area’s first progressive rock stations. At that time, WHMC was the only such radio station on the AM band. Furthermore, the station sponsored a series of rock concerts which became quickly popular among the area teens.

Throughout its history, WMET has run a variety of formats including an all-comedy format and a conservative talk show format. In November 2005, The Greaseman was hired for the morning drive-time slot and then WMET switched to a paid programming format in March 2006. At the time of the change, Greaseman’s radio show was one of the few that remained unchanged. Since then and until the spring of 2010, WMET aired Music Of Your Life standards in the slot which is still available for live-streaming on the internet. In mid 2010 however, WMET was transformed into a Catholic radio station.