WMET Now And Then

As many other radio stations, WMET has gone through significant broadcasting chances and format changes over the years. The radio station has undergone these changes especially as a result of its history and the need to adapt to a new society and a new media reality. The radio station started to broadcast in the 1950s under the WHMC name and it mainly featured radio shows hosted by DJs and who would transform the radio station into one in which music played an important role. Today, WMET 1160 AM is a religious radio station broadcasted by the Guadalupe Radio Network.

WMET 1160 AM is not to be confused with the radio station from Chicago broadcasting from 1976 to 1986 on 95.5 FM. WMET was since its development a radio station which meant to keep its listeners informed with the various issues that were happening in their communities, regions and in the world. At first, WMET aired mostly music and it sponsored rock concerts that soon became popular among its younger listeners. Then, in 2003, it moved to 1150 kHz frequency with a daytime transmitter power of 50,000 watts and 1,500 watts signal at night. Along the time, the format included conventional radio talk shows, news slots, music slots and various types of radio shows that were aimed for different categories of listeners. Popular shows included J.D. Balart’s American Radio Journal, The End of Politics, Garden Gurus or the Trip Chicks.

Ever since it was purchased in 2010, the format of the radio show and radio station has changed once again. The radio has started to broadcast only Catholic programs together with community related issues and public service announcement. Since 2010, radio shows broadcasted on WMET 1160 AM include Son Rise Morning show with Brian Patrick, Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo, Catholic Answers Live, The Doctor Is In and the Women of Grace.